Cloud Backup & Restore Services
Intronis Cloud Services Backup & Restore

Protecting your business-critical data has never been more important or easier to do. Our automated cloud backup and recovery services deliver complete data protection so you don't have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime, or even worse a complete shutdown of your company.

Canadian Data Center
Intronis recently added a data center in Montreal to ensure that Channel Partners in Canada are able to comply with that country's federal and provincial regulations, which restrict how and where data is managed. Data stored in the Canadian Data Center will never leave that country's borders and complies with the same strict security requirements as our U.S. data centers.
Intronis has spent a great deal of time and research to bring our customers advanced features that provide optimum functionality for backing up and restoring data. These features include bare metal restore, virtual machine backup, Exchange and SQL data protection, multiple file revisions, and logs and reports.

Bare Metal Restore
Image backups from Intronis enables partners to safeguard all of their clients physical machines from business continuity threats, such as accidental file deletion, hardware failure, or natural disaster. The Intronis ECHO platform allows you to back up entire servers, desktops, or laptops as images and restore data to the same or a different physical machine. You can also recover to dissimilar hardware (a replacement machine with a different hardware configuration than the original machine) in the event of total system failure.

Our Point-in-Time Restore feature allows you to recover to a point in time at the volume level of the restore, allowing for a large degree of flexibility in the event your systems were impacted by data corruption or viruses. For example, you can choose to recover your Boot Volume from the most recent backup while recovering your data volume from a backup a week ago.

Physical-to-Virtual Image Recovery
The Intronis ECHO platform also includes a physical to virtual recovery (P2V) option. Images are restored as dynamic virtual hard disks (VHD or VHDX) and in a manner compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V, allowing partners to create virtual machines from restored images. You can also mount backup images as a drive letter or folder. This enables quick and easy file exploration and extraction. Supported on Server 2008 R2, SBS 2011, Server 2012/R2, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1, our imaging solution lets you back up any number of volumes locally or on a network share.
The value of the Intronis physical imaging solution is in its speed. You can back up millions of files in hours, compared to the days it would take to run a similar backup via traditional file and folder solutions. Backups can be run on a recurring-interval or calendar-based schedule and are stored as reverse incrementals, which means that the most recent backups will be the fastest to restore.

Microsoft Exchange Plugin
The Intronis ECHO platform gives you the power to back up your clients Microsoft Exchange 2000, Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, and Exchange 2013 data. With Exchange, you can perform both full and incremental backups. Plus, you can customize your backup schedule.

Microsoft SQL Server Plugin
With the Intronis SQL Server Plugin, your clients server will never experience any downtime during a backup. You can perform full and differential SQL backups. The plugin runs seamlessly in the background as a service, never interrupting or shutting down the SQL databases. It takes minutes to configure the SQL plugin and, once completed, backups will run automatically. You can even run multiple SQL backups per day without interrupting your clients normal workflow. See detailed Technical Specifications on our website for more information.

Multiple Revisions
With the Intronis ECHO platform, you can store an unlimited number of versions of the same file (by default, it stores the last 10 versions of each file). So, if you have certain files or databases that are updated every day or every week, you can always go back to a previous version if you need to. Go back to yesterday. Go back to last year. Plus, you never again have to worry about accidentally deleting the information in a file or overwriting a file by mistake. Intronis also offers a powerful revision rule wizard that lets you manage how old versions of files are stored. You can set the number of revisions for each file, folder, program, or wildcard. So now you can keep an unlimited number of copies of your clients contact database, while only keeping a few copies of their Outlook PST file.

Logs and Reports
How do you know your backups actually worked? The Intronis ECHOplatform logs and reports show you what was backed up and when. With detailed statistics and information about each file that is backed up or restored, you never have to wonder if your backups really worked. Did a specific file get backed up? Just check the log.

Receive Email Notifications
If you want even more assurance that your backups are functioning, you have the option of receiving automatic email notifications following every successful backup. You can turn this option on and off whenever you want from either the local software or by managing your account from the platform.

Virtual Data Protection with Hyper-V Backup Support
The Intronis Hyper-V backup solution is a native plugin that allows you to back up any number of Hyper-V VMs on a single host to the cloud, local vault, or both, using a single agent. You can store an unlimited number of historical versions of each VM with the same level of granularity you can expect from other backup types.
VMs are stored encrypted and compressed, and protected VMs are quiesced to guarantee a consistent backup. You can also customize automated backup scheduling and define long-term archiving rules. Recovering protected VMs is simple and flexible. You can select any number of VMs to restore as well as any revision. When recovered, each VM is contained in its own folder in the chosen directory, and the files within each folder maintain the file structure established prior to backup. Restoring the VM as files lets you recover your clients data the way you want. You can import the protected VM directly into Hyper-V by using that platform's "Import" tool and selecting the desired VM folder. You can also attach the Hyper-V VHDs to an existing virtual machine, or mount a restored VHD file as a drive for simple file exploration and extraction. Plus, you can choose to delete entire VMs or individual revisions if desired.